October 6, 2014

Catholic Spirituality and Mental Health

by Tom Gourlay

This week is Mental Health Week here in Australia, and we felt it particularly appropriate to share with you a recording of the last lecture hosted by The Dawson Society for Philosophy and Culture.Our speaker was Dr Philippa Martyr PhD who spoke at the 2 September 2014 Speakers Forum.

What was particularly striking about Dr Martyr’s lecture was the emphasis on how our conception of human nature, and its ultimate end, can impact on our mental health. Issues of mental health surround us constantly, personally, in our workplaces and in our families. It is the hope of the Dawson Society that the lecture will at very least open channels of discussion around this issue.

A recording of the lecture is available in the ‘Lectures and Articles’ section of our website, but also available to view through youtube with accompanying slides below.

Special thanks to Miller Lokanata for his work in producing this for us.


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