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The Christopher Dawson Society for Philosophy and Culture was formally incorporated in Perth, Western Australia in 2013. It is a not-for-profit association named in honour of Christopher Dawson the great English historian of the 20th century who throughout his work saw the world of spiritual belief “as the dynamic element in history and as a real world-transforming power.” Drawing inspiration from the thought of Christopher Dawson, the Society was founded to promote cultural and philosophic activities that recognise the spiritual, as well as the material, element in our nature and in society more broadly. It is hoped that in this way the Dawson Society may uphold and continue the work of its namesake.


June 15, 2016 Sacramental sustenance in the ecclesial field hospital

by Tom Gourlay

(from Catholic World Report) If the last two years of Synods and the resulting Apostolic Exhortation have taught us anything, it is that the question of allowing civilly divorced and remarried Catholics to receive communion is not one which is …


May 6, 2016 Dante Turns 750: His Medieval Masterpiece and our Modern Search for Meaning

by Tom Gourlay

Many of you would fondly remember the Paideia Lecture series we ran in 2014 with Associate Professor John Kinder. Kinder’s lectures were recently published as an article at the Australian eJournal of Theology. The eJournal is open access and, as …


March 8, 2016 Education as if People Mattered – Dr David Daintree

by Dawson Society

The following is the paper presented by Dr David Daintree of the Christopher Dawson Center for Cultural Studies in Hobart, Tasmania to the Dawson Society for Philosophy and Culture Inc. in Perth WA on 1 March 2016. This paper first …



April 20, 2015 Take Me With You: A Theology of Running Away? – Dr Matthew Tan (Campion College, NSW)

by Tom Gourlay

On 3 February, The Dawson Society for Philosophy and Culture was delighted to host Dr Matthew Tan of Campion College in NSW as the presenter at our first Speakers Forum for 2015. Have you ever seen an ad that made …



May 21, 2016
Professor John Haldane

A Morning with Professor John Haldane